How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur – Lifehacks of Van Tibolli

successful entrepreneur,

Gaining grounds as an entrepreneur takes a lot of hardships and persistence. And if there were any shortcuts for being successful, entrepreneurs would never make it. Because, being a successful entrepreneur, I believe, “the shortest distance between two points is the straight line.”

While serving the hair care industry over a decade and after building a successful brand with a name of GKhair, I believe that being a successful entrepreneur, one needs a lot of efforts. To those, who think that setting up the multi-million dollar company and then managing it is easy? They are betting on the wrong horse.

As an entrepreneur, let’s tell you some of the life hacks that I have learned from my successful entrepreneurial journey.

Love What You Do

Want to excel in your profession? There’s only one way to do so, and that is love your profession. In your life, you will come across many people who would perform their work with half-heartedness. Seriously, having big dreams and grumbles for your job cannot walk side by side.

crawl, walk, Crawl, Walk, Run and Then Fly

Keeping your eyes on the stars while having your feet on the grounds is the proven success. As an entrepreneur, I have witnessed, a large number of newbies would want things to take place all of a sudden. But I should tell them that all it takes time and efforts to reach a certain level. Other than this, risk management and project evaluation are additional tools that can assist you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Action Speaks Louder Than The Words

we are all full of ideas. The only line that draws a difference between the success and failure of entrepreneurial journey is the execution of plans. A lot of newbies want to pursue their career as an entrepreneur. However, the ambiguous situation of to do and not to do impedes them from taking a leap of faith.


dream, idea, success,


Be Adaptable Yet Flexible

When you love your job, it’s equally good to be flexible as well as to be stubborn at the same time. The road to entrepreneurship isn’t straight enough. It is covered with a lot of curves too. While building a successful brand with the name of GKhair, I believe on one thing and this is, an entrepreneurial venture is not simply about doing good. It is much more about making a successful business out of it.

Always Keep the Doors Open 

Not all the startups succeed. Unfortunately, the failure rate of an entrepreneurial venture is more than as compared to the success rate. I believe that it is absolutely fine to set the direction of your sails according to the wind. Continuing sunk costs and investments in the drowning venture is one of the major reason for startup failures.

The Bottom Line

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen with a blink of an eye. Every entrepreneurial journey has own stories attached with it. And if you want to portray the canvas of your imaginations, you will surely need a lot of time, research and a doable strategy to proceed.

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