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How did GK Hair turn its plain, traditional e-commerce of goods vs money into an interactive, engaging activity for customers that they would prefer in their leisure time? It’s simple. People don’t want to spend hours looking for an ideal solution to their hair problems. Consider yourself; what do you think of online shopping? Do you enjoy scrolling through a pile of products? Or do you think of it as a boring, plain task you just have to cross off your to-do list? With time, we, as a team, realized that we have to upgrade our strategies for online trade, make online shopping easier, interactive, and entertaining for people. And that’s how we discovered “interactive e-commerce”. In the words of Matthew Brannen, interactive ecommerce is “an approach that humanizes the online shopping experience… takes the enjoyable, social, and psychological experience of shopping in the physical world, and applies it to the digital age.”

When we moved from traditional ecommerce to interactive ecommerce, we gradually introduced the elements of recommendation, entertainment, and community to the online customer shopping experience.

How many times have you bought a product based on the reviews it got? Product recommendation is important when it comes to interactive ecommerce. GK Hair products get hundreds of reviews and recommendations by the users which urges the new customers to try the product too. Not only this, we have also recently introduced the facility of Hair Quiz, which recommends a set of custom hair care products suitable for your hair troubles. This helps the customer in choosing their hair care regimen more efficiently and wisely. That is how recommendation works in interactive ecommerce.


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As far as the entertainment is concerned, GK Hair partakes in many beauty events around the globe to educate, entertain, and engage with the audience, including end-users and salon professionals alike. Also, our press/blog regularly publishes entertaining, engaging, and creative content ranging from improving your hair care routine to planning a perfect day for you. The company also offers a dynamic, lively, and user-friendly interface so that the customers can have a smooth experience, which allows them to feel more connected with us.

Our high-end products, such as taming treatments, were initially formulated for professional use only. However, as the needs and preferences of the consumers changed, we updated our formulae and introduced a user-friendly range of products, which allowed end-users to treat their hair from the comfort of their own place, without having the need to go to the salons. This resulted in a huge community of home-users to become the company’s audience, allowing us to serve two different communities side-by-side.

All these factors added to the value of the company, and paved the way for a more interactive e-commerce, which not only resulted in growth, progress, and prosperity of GK Hair, but also allowed the consumer to humanize the experience of online purchase by feeling more connected with the company.

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