The Essentiality of Learning And Skill Development

Van Tibolli learned from a very young age that life was tough. From farming and construction to selling eggs, chicken, ice-cream and real estate, the Founder and CEO of GKhair overcame obstacle after obstacle remaining steadfast and determined. Resolute to make it through, his persistent nature saw him overcome mountains with nothing but his sheer will. As young as Van can remember, he worked to help the family and at the time, even with a lot of effort, the results were few and far.

A true visionary spirit instilled in Van entrepreneur ideals from childhood. This guided him to demand more from life then what he had observed from his upbringing. Van started school at the age of 7 and worked full time from the age of thirteen. He attended school at night. He never had the opportunity to attend secondary school or university. Instead, he moved to London for more work opportunity and to learn English on his own at the age of 20. His learning came mostly from experiences through trial and error.

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Even today, much later in life after many years of working in different industries and ultimately developing his own brand, Van still looks to self-education when he wants to learn new skills. Education is a necessity to better yourself. Even if the traditional methods are not available for you, the decision to learn and utilize your time wisely will reap a certain payoff.

All his life, he made it a point to continuously learn and inform himself. Many find it hard to believe that this natural-born entrepreneur would have been able to develop a business. And, that his brand has made a name around the world in the salon professional industry.

Some have said he was just in the right place at the right time. And, anyone would be successful if they were in his place. But truth be told, he was smart by continuously learning and evolving with time and being agile to change. The fast-paced beauty industry is exactly where knowledge, skill, and self-learning new innovative ways or products are key to growth and expansion. But, it takes time, effort and in most cases, money.  In this industry, many tools exist to help elevate a salon. Social media is a small example of how learning can be put to good use to gain repute and recognition. The ever-changing technology and trends keep industry professionals on their toes to continue developing their personal skills and showcasing their work!

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Consumers demands are what ultimately drives change in an industry. Even with the information highway at their fingertips, needs and demands are in a rapid state of change constantly. As a salon professional or owner, one absolutely cannot afford to dump the learning process even after decades of being in the business. In other words, learning about new trends, techniques, technologies or products helps keep the strategic and competitive advantage with you! Being able to stay competitive demands that you are one step ahead of your competitor thus guaranteeing your position and value. In this day and age, if you are not moving forward you are falling behind.

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With this in mind, GKhair‘s Founder has come up with an e-Learning portal for salon professionals to study freely. This portal will help any hair professional update their skills and gain critical knowledge when and where they are most comfortable to learn. This web-based education gateway is significant for anyone who yearns to learn. Featuring its highly-admired products, GKhair and its hair artists on the cyber doorway, at, help enrollees acquire the latest techniques, product how-to’s, and complete skill development with its certification programs. It is the single source of all GKhair product-mentoring. This e-learning tool helps aspiring hair artists to reach their true potential. Anyone from the beauty industry can use the GKhair education portal courses which validate the skills and knowledge of a professional. Therefore, this will help both the professional and the business grow.

Most importantly, realizing the need for such direction in the beauty industry, GKhair’s CEO and Founder will continue to do his part in enabling hair professionals with the tools to grow by adapting to new ways of learning.

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