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Building a business is difficult but to keep it running is more difficult. I have seen entrepreneurs concentrating on finding new prospects and dreaming of expanding their business. It is good to think about expansion and business development, but it is equally important to maintain and control what you already have. When we talk about controls, we might first think of financial controls but that is only the beginning. Also we have to make sure to make maximum out of the time spent and continue generating results through follow up, follow through.

To formulate a good strategic plan for your business the first step is to choose the areas where your company will be strongest and have the most competitive edge.

Once your product or service has in place the core ideals to develop to the next step in your structure is finding the right people to grow.

CEO & Founder GKhair

Your job is not done here and you may not be able to find your business on the front page of Forbes just yet but just like building a house, if you start building a house without the structure in place the house will not last.

The important thing is that the strategy reaches an optimal point to generate results and that you continue by following up and following through each and every day.

The environment is changing and therefore it is important to follow up, follow through on the strategic plan of your business. The first objective after releasing the strategic plan of your business is to communicate and execute it. After the initial effort, you must undertake campaigns in each of the business units to communicate, where the organization is headed. The following aspects will help you to keep your strategy moving forward and keeping it on time.

Mr. Van Tibolli

Some of the core values of GKhair like follow up and follow through are the reason the company is still here today 11 years later. GKhair in operating in more than 75 countries which did not happen overnight, developing the structure of  a business while expanding takes years of effort and hard work where as neglecting it will take a fraction of the time to lose what has been built.

2 thoughts on “Follow Up, Follow Through

  1. Hassan Ali Reply

    Agreed! If you can identify the market where competition edge is high and you are a beginner in the market and have not much experience then how can you survive?

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Nothing equals experience, but sheer desire to achieve what you set your eyes on is still possible.
      If the competition is tough, you have to work hard and manage your time effectively, look out for opportunities and never stop learning.
      Doing the things right for the first time and practicing what you do is going to make you proficient.
      Proficiency comes before perfection! it is going to be hard, but it certainly is possible.

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