What’s More Valuable: Time or Money?

We need one to have the other. Both time or money have value and importance. We earn money to fulfill our needs and wants but can easily find ourselves spending more time working to earn money limiting our time to enjoy. So, what is more valuable: Time or Money?

One of the hardest things to do is consider the real value of our own time. It is very easy to fall into the habit of working more hours day in and day out. Equally as important to the amount of time invested in  work, is the type of work you are doing during that time.

I have never been a person to miss an opportunity and working more than the average person goes hand in hand. Like many people who are working more and more just to secure a future, but when is enough?

We make plans of what we will do in our future, but do we spend enough time thinking about what to do right now?

 How many of us have given a thought to the fact that we are not aware of our life span?

The plans you wish to spend your money on seem worthy to you when you are young. Will you go traveling to see the world for which you are working day and night as an elderly, less mobile person?

Time Management

We have to decide to practice this very important rule every day. Start by asking yourself the question of whether or not what I am doing right now is the best use of my time. We must evaluate the value of our time and how we spend it. If you enjoy your work and find the career path that inspires and motivates you to continue than you are spending time on something that has value. You should not waste time on things not capable of securing your today and tomorrow. The poorest person on earth is not the one with the least money, but the one who does not care about time. Managing your time is a good indicator of how your future will be. If you spend your time in activities that do not bring anything worthy to your life or does not allow you to fulfill a dream, stop doing what you are doing.

Why must we give time our greatest attention?

Often, I hear people say that they kill time “by doing nothing”. They do not know that by wasting the time they have each day, they are mortgaging their future. You cannot kill time. You can take breaks, but the weather will not wait for you and will continue to run. Time is a measurement of your life, that is why we must give it the greatest attention and not waste it.

Managing your time means investing to make the most of it. If we learn how to use it effectively and optimize every moment in life, time can become your partner that you work in synergy with striving to meet your goals and reaping rewards in return.

Quality Time Investment

We can look at your time like a financial investment, you must invest it wisely so that it earns you interest in long term. Make time for your friends and family as long as they are positive influence on you, surrounding yourself with positive people can optimize the value of your time. Poor time management can result in significant losses in your life. These losses can be financial, but also losses of personal sentiment because right now is the youngest that you will ever be and now is when you decide either its time or money?

8 thoughts on “What’s More Valuable: Time or Money?

  1. Samuel Jason Reply

    Right on point,
    I must say, every thing you said about how time requires our utmost attention is true.
    We can not achieve our goals unless we focus on the right things at the right time. (Y)

    • Admin Post authorReply

      True, we need to focus on our goals and then try to align them with time we have in hand.

  2. Kevin Zachary Reply

    I think when you focus on doing the right things at the right time, it makes a difference.
    You should focus on getting things done in time and more importantly, what ever you do, make sure you do it right very first time. This is how nations such as Japan has prospered.

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