Attitude Is What Brings Us Success

Successful people are often inquired about the secret behind their success. Some give credit to hard work, others just praise their luck or being in the right place at the right time. We often see successful people trying to encourage others by mentioning the factors involved in their accomplishments which most of the time are a list of failures that lead up to the present.

Some might have even become successful themselves by learning from the stories shared by entrepreneurs who have tried and tested the system. I myself have often listened to a lot of these stories, but the thing I find missing in all of them is Attitude. The internet is full of recipes to cook success, but the most important ingredient to add taste is missing from them. I am not saying that hard work, consistency or good luck doesn’t matter. However, success is incomplete without the right attitude.


What really matters is your attitude towards things. Everything that you plan to achieve is based upon the attitude you have towards it. You cannot achieve something if you aren’t positive about it. Your perspective and your vision of something is what brings you success. Picture this: You planned your ideas, then you knocked down the boundaries and every step of the way and when you are almost there, everything collapses. Does this sound familiar? This happens because you lack the right attitude. There is good attitude and then there is bad attitude.

Even when things do not turn out right, your attitude will determine where you go next. It is important to note that both good and bad attitudes have one thing in common; the one you feel towards things is the one that you are going to attract the most. If you carry or exhibit a positive attitude about something, this attitude will lead you towards positive results and conclusions. On the contrary if you hold a bad attitude, you will attract negative things inevitably.

Positive Attitude Is Everything

It’s your approach regarding your goals and targets, what makes you achieve them.  Let me state an example of good and bad attitude. A person, who has been playing a lottery for 10 years, wins $50 Million one day, but the only thing he thinks about is the huge tax he has to pay for it. He is ruining a happy moment with his negative attitude towards the situation. On the other hand, there is an example of a person who works day and night for a nominal amount of money, to provide for his family and to fulfill their needs. This person looks at life with a positive attitude which in result makes him happy. He is content even with the limited resources that he has.

Attitude, hardwork, attitude makes it 100

Positive attitudes towards big problems can make people perform better in life and people with bad attitudes who have a luxurious life seem unhappy. I have seen people arriving 2 minutes early to work and getting worried that they would be arriving late, these are the people who have a positive attitude towards their work and want to make a good impression personally and professionally. Then there are people who arrive 30 minutes late to work and are still carefree and blatant. The type of thinking and your inclination towards something attract the same sort of things in your life.

People with a good attitude attract a lot of great things in their life and it’s vice versa for people with a negative approach. You can surpass bad times happily if you are positive about your life. Similarly, a person can be sad even in good times by just focusing on the negative things. Living a positive life is a choice that you have to make each and every day. So, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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