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Van Tibolli – A self-made brand, an identity in the hair care industry

Van Tibolli, Famous entreprenure

My Story

From the beginning I learned to take as many opportunities as I could. Where I grew up in Brazil opportunities were scarce and due to this it taught me to always do my best no matter what line of work I was in. 

This business model became very successful from a very young age, whether I was selling eggs or ice cream people appreciated getting a good service. The lessons that I learned through many different work experiences in construction to real estate and living in many different countries learning new languages and cultures have provided me the tools to succeed in my current career path.

Stinging yet Successful Moments of Business

Often, we hear that you need a financial backup to successfully start a business or to build a name. However, I believe, that all it takes is just a will and resolution. When I originally started the GKhair brand I did not have investors behind the brand, only a will and ambition that led me to an innovative concept that soon became the business opportunity which has now evolved to GKhair.

The Quest for Perfection in Hair Care

After moving from Europe to the US, some of my friends had expressed interest in beauty and hair care products back in my home country Brazil. I wanted to contribute to this industry when I saw there was a demand for such products. During this time, groundbreaking work on keratin was going on in Brazil. I soon had found a formula to get myself started before moving production to the US where I began supplying the demand of the hair salons.

A lot of people want to start a company or a brand but it takes a lot of hard work to stay a float and sustain the business. I knew that if I did not make the very best products in the industry that my chance to make an impact would be much smaller. I founded GKhair (Global Keratin), a brand that has, and will always be, innovating products for the hair fortified with the companies own unique ingredient called Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend for the hair. GKhair plans to continue the innovation in hair care and solutions for its worldwide clients.

If you’re not in the Software Industry, then you’re out!

After gaining ground in the hair care industry, I am now setting goals in the software industry to continue providing solutions and an overall experience for my clients. It is incredible to have a team of software developers in the company who have the capability of bringing ideas to reality. My vision is to continue building for the future to provide easy to use tools for all clients to better run their businesses.


Van Tibolli Vision, Hard working man,

My Vision

An entrepreneur is not afraid of ‘failing,’ an entrepreneur is afraid of ‘not trying’ because success is not final and failure is not fatal. My company has a simple but clear purpose,

and that is to help people in growing their businesses. Through innovation in hair care and eCommerce, we are empowering lives.

My company’s products are available in most parts of the world. We are selling products in 70+ countries, and the number is increasing. Through intensive research and development, we have taken shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, and hairstyling products to a whole new level. In addition to that, we have made it possible for everyone to sell online without developing an online store.

We always put the interest of the customer first. We want our clients to achieve more by fulfilling their hair beauty goals. We have also stepped in the software industry to providing the world’s first free eCommerce platform for everyone.

We always keep the interests of our customers in mind whiling developing a product. We work hard to bring the best products for our people around the world. I firmly believe in environmental sustainability. We always try to make environmentally-friendly products.

From the time I founded this company until today, I have always never compromised on quality. We are, and we will continuously invest in research and development. We are humbled by the response about the products all around the world, and we will always strive to exceed customer expectations.

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